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“Places in My Heart: A Photographic Journey” contains 360 photos of beautiful places in 50 countries and special regions coupled with 120 amazing travel stories. This unique photographic book is a must-buy for leisure reading and personal book collection as well as gifts for book lovers.

我的「旅遊」,往往少不了勇氣、決心和冒險精神。在坦桑尼亞赤道攀山遭受大風雪吹襲、在喀什米爾被軍警追趕,要保持冷靜、處變不驚。沒想過可在南極享受無污染大自然、在烏干達把雙腿讓銀背猩猩當樹榦、又穿着不丹傳統服裝參加節慶、與朝鮮民眾擠在一起看軍事巡遊、在孟加拉見證成功的眼科手術,這些都要親歷其境,才能有真切的體會。能夠在阿拉斯加冰川上探險露營、在南冰洋湧浪中划獨木舟、在埃塞俄比亞高原賽跑、在克羅地亞騎單車翻山越嶺,除了體力,耐力和堅持也缺一不可。尋找古蹟、經歷不同挑戰、探索異地文化、欣賞大自然美景、參與各種善行,都讓我學會珍惜自己、愛護大自然、幫助有需要的人。 《攝・歷人生》用鏡頭記錄每個旅程,用文字寫下各種經歷和感受。不一樣的旅遊歷奇,為我的人生添上豐富的色彩和獨特的意義。

My adventurous journey has been a fantastic combination of integrity, determination, courage and commitment. The journey has brought up mixed feelings through travelling to Iceland, Kashmir, Uganda, and to the far ends of the world. The journey has presented a challenge in terms of physical effort and crisis consciousness, and has created incredible situations in which humans, nature, and culture interacting. Throughout these years of travelling, I have learned to better understand others, cherish the natural wonders, and most importantly to love myself enough to move on. “Places in My Heart: A Photographic Journey” is an exclusive and beautifully illustrated photobook during my twenty years of travelling that have added abundant blessings and flying colors to my life. May you love my unique travel stories and never lose the wonder in travelling and exploring the unknown.

The royalties of this book will be entirely donated to Orbis.

香港及澳門各大書局均有代售: 三聯、誠品、大學(辰衝)、商務、大衆、中華、天地、田園、序言、香港上海、教協、新橋滎徳、楡林、漢榮、樂文、澳門文化廣場、澳門珠新、一書齋、宏達(澳門)、星光(澳門)。

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